Social Impact Investing for the Public Administration

Over April 10-11-12 aprile the first of the four modules of the ”IFISE – innovative Financial Instruments in support to the Social Economy” project funded by the European Commission took place in Turin

Social Impact Investing for the Public Administration

The IFISE Project is a Multi-regional assistance project under the Fi-compass action, focusing on the assessment of the potential use of financial instruments supported by the ERDF and ESF (European Structural and Investment Funds). A key feature of the initiative is to work on capacity building of managing authorities and intermediate bodies, with the aim to extend the offer of funding instruments addressed to the wide field of social economy.

Lang Italia has been selected to deliver an on-demand training to analyze materials opportunities, tools and challenges of impact investments for the PA, in an intense three-days addressed to the Italian and Spanish partners of the IFISE project that include Piedmont (Finpiemonte), Lumbardy (Finlombarda e Regione Lombardia), Andalusia (IDEA) and Valencia (Generalidad Valenciana e Institut Valencià de Finances).

The training is a pilot that will serve the project also by providing a replicable in-class training scheme and agenda for other initiatives at a European level.

Among the themes presented by practitioners and international case histories engaged by Lang Italia, Simone Castello, Head of the Lang Study Centre, focused in particular on the state of the art of impact assessment practice within impact investing; the lecture analyzed in details the models adopted by global players and the available tools to develop an integrated impact assessment framework able to answer to accountability and transparency needs while balancing with the maturity and sophistication levels of both the investor and the investees.

 Nella foto, Philippe Bernard-Treille, Investment Manager, European Investment Fund (EIF), tra le case history del training

Philippe Bernard-Treille, Investment Manager, European Investment Fund (EIF), among the case histories of the training

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