III Edition

November 19th 2015

Lang Philanthropy Day
III Edition

The sole event in Italy on effective and measurable philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy, tools & approaches to create value in a complex world

PLENARY SESSION 10.00 – 13.00

Strategic Philanthropy, tools & approaches to create value in a complex world. Trends show how the generalized “welfare state” in the social context is no longer sustainable. We are witnessing a substantial convergence between philanthropic models of interventions and investments able to produce both economic and social returns. Hence the necessity to develop effective action modalities: the “new philanthropy” is diversified, global, collaborative, more entrepreneurial and eager of impact measurements with an attitude towards sustainable investment. Through the presentation of realized initiatives, the session will discuss the role of foundations, finance and family businesses in the generation of meaningful and sustainable interventions to the benefit of the community.

Networking Lunch
 with the possibility of visiting the Tiepolo’s “Galleria degli Arazzi”  


PLENARY SESSION 14.00 – 16.00

Corporate Social Impact Strategies: New Paths for Collaborative Growth How can companies bring business and society together? And what role could business play in solving social problems? The session will highlight the first successful experiences of collaboration and co-investment performed by companies, corporate foundations and organizations engaged in the creation of value for the community. The session will also entail the Italian launch of the new research by the European Venture Philanthropy Association analysing the strategies implemented by companies to identify relevant social innovations and activate new models able to propose solutions to social or environmental issues aligned with their business.





EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association)


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