I Edition

October 22nd 2013

Lang Philanthropy Day
I Edition

The sole event in Italy on effective and measurable philanthropy

Measuring Results in Philanthropy. Guest of honor: Mario Morino

PLENARY SESSION  9.30 – 12.00

The Effectiveness of Doing Good. Measuring Results in Philanthropy. 

The day will host the remarkable figure of  Mario Morino, successful businessman that for more than twenty years has been a visionary of US philanthropy. With his book Leap of Reason, he has set the course to reflect and manage philanthropy in a meaningful and effective way over time. This session offers the unique opportunity to discuss for the first time in Italy key themes concerning strategic philanthropy and to meet one of the main players within this change of perspective for the social sector.

BUFFET   13.00 – 14.00


PLENARY SESSION   16.00 – 18.15

Corporate Philanthropy as a Strategic Leverage. Value for the Company and for the Community.

Defining and integrating business goals into Corporate Philanthropy activities represents for companies a challenge which requests relentless improvement. The benefits, beyond the social ones, that a strategic giving can offer to the company’s growth are manifold, in terms of stakeholder’s engagement, reputation enhancement, and positive spillover effects on business.

The session is reserved to companies and corporate foundations.


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