Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change


Fondazione Lang Italia works to make social organizations and initiatives stronger, more effective and sustainable – to create what we define as “engines of improvement“. With this term, we mean an initiative which goes beyond creating a positive change by setting the conditions for this change to renew itself. Results must be quantifiable through impact assessment and shall be oriented to the well-being of individuals and communities.


Lang Study Centre  provides tools, studies and best practices to create a culture based on the concept of Strategic Philanthropy. For this reason we:

  • promote an executive education to contribute to the professional growth of people in “highly impactful positions”
  • organize moments to confront and network dedicated to the protagonists of philanthropy
  • produce insights and analysis on national and international best practices to advance the knowledge of philanthropic tools.

Our Philanthropy Advisory services promote the practice of Strategic Philanthropy to increase the impact of social initiatives: 

  • advisory to foundations, private individuals and companies favors philanthropic approaches able to foster the growth of social sector organizations
  • advisory to non profit organizations contribute to empower their capacity and their ability in demonstrating their social impact.


  1. Understand what final beneficiaries need and the modalities to provide an effective answer
  2. Identify strategic partners to achieve the philanthropic goals
  3. Invest on the capacity and sustainability of the beneficiaries
  4. Focus on the results achieved by the organization rather than on its “overhead”
  5. Assess the social impact that has been generated
  6. Choose the right legal vehicle to achieve the philanthropic goals
  7. Define the right mix of models (philanthropy or social investment) to answer a specific social issue
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